The Hungerburgbahn

The Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen consist of 3 sections. The Hungerburgbahn, Seegrubenbahn and Hafelekarbahn lifts take you from the city center to Austria's largest nature park in just a few minutes!

The modern Hungerburgbahn takes you directly from the old town to the Hungerburg in just eight minutes, with the option of getting off at the Alpenzoo, which is particularly popular with families.

The new Hungerburgbahn was designed by star architect Zaha Hadid and opened in December 2007.

The lift set new international standards for modern architecture thanks to its unusually designed stations. According to the architect herself, she was inspired by the region's ice and snow landscapes. For this reason, the four stations - Congress, Löwenhaus, Alpenzoo and Hungerburg - are today reminiscent of icy glacier shapes and make the nearby mountain tangible right in the heart of the city.

The contrast between the curved, light forms of the roofing and the earthbound, firmly anchored concrete bases is what gives the buildings their special charm and lends the stations an almost magical weightlessness.

Via Hermann-Buhl-Platz, named after the world-famous Austrian alpinist, you then continue to the Seegrubenbahn.

Virtual Reality

You can watch four different videos of the mountain in the city on your computer, smartphone or VR glasses.

Whether via ferrata, hang gliding, the Nordkette Single Trail or breathtaking winter shots - it's worth taking a look at the VR around the Nordkette.