Behind the scenes of the railroads


Find out here what top technical performances the three sections of the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen achieve day after day.


With a height difference of 287.35 meters, the Hungerburgbahn has the lowest vertical distance of all three Nordkettenbahnen.

The two vehicles can accommodate 130 passengers, including the attendant, and can carry a total of 10,400 kilograms. At full capacity, this means a transport capacity of 1200 passengers per hour. The four-motor direct current drive (450 kilowatts/motor) runs at ten meters per second, allowing passengers to reach the mountain station on the Hungerburg in around six minutes.


In contrast to the Hungerburgbahn, the Seegrubenbahn covers the greatest distance: 1039.74 vertical meters are tackled from the mountain station on the Hungerburg. Two gondolas are available here, and a total of 95 passengers can be transported including the car attendant.

The converter-mounted DC motor runs with two units of 380 kilowatts each and can carry a mass of up to 7680 kilograms. Of course, this requires safe and strong anchoring: the suspension ropes of the cable car are tensioned with 125 tons in the Hungerburg station, the ropes themselves have a diameter of 64 millimetres.

Guests therefore do not have to worry about their safety, but can fully enjoy the ride at ten meters per second and a minimum duration of six and a half minutes.


362.65 meters up again to reach the 2256 m high Hafelekar.

The gondola offers space for a total of 70 people. This lift also has a direct current motor with 310 kilowatts of power. This means that a maximum of 5600 kilograms can be transported at the same time. Mountain lovers are transported to the summit at a speed of seven m/s in just under four minutes.

If there is a particularly large crowd, a maximum of 478 people per hour can use the services of the Hafelekarbahn.