Steep, steep, cable car platform!

Nordkette cable car platform

3.5 km and 1,000 m elevation gain - how fast can you do it?

Via Innsbruck's steepest staircase, the cable car platform leads from the Hungerburg on the most direct route to the Seegrube. Once at the top, the fantastic view of the city rewards your burning calves. You can take the cable car back down again without any effort.

Cable car platform challenge

How long does it take you to get from Hungerburg to Seegrube?

For all trail runners, altitude junkies and cable car platform enthusiasts, there is a fixed timekeeping system via the cable car platform since this summer.

The timekeeping runs via the app and is marked by a start and finish station. With the meinBerglauf app, you decide for yourself when you run a route. Start the app, check in at the start station, run the course and enjoy the well-deserved cheers from the app at the finish station - it's that easy.The start station is located above the parking lot of the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen at the beginning of the Kreuzbründlweg. Follow this path into the forest, keeping to the right, until you reach the Seegrubenbahn lift route. Now follow the signposted cable car platform, which leads vertically over roots and stairs under the cable car to the Seegrube.

At the height of the 3-seater support/valley chairlift station, the forest thins out and the trail continues across the meadows, crossing the forest road again and again, until it turns left at bend 8 (at approx. km 2.8), heading west across the "eastern slope". There it goes past the platforms of the Nordkette Perspective Trail up to the Seegrube. Once at the top, leave the entrance to the terrace and the stone pine hill on the right and walk the last few meters flat along the fence.

The finish station is located at the gate in front of the station building by the playground. A unique view and refreshing drinks on Innsbruck's highest sun terrace will reward your burning calves!

Start: Hungerburg

Destination: Seegrube

Altitude meters
max. gradient


  1. If you want to run for the first time: Register at under "Login" → New user registration.
  2. Download the meinBerglauf app from your app store onto your smartphone using the username and password you entered when you first registered. When you activate the app near the start station, the app displays the name of the route.
  3. Get ready to start by activating the "START" button 10 meters from the start. Set the volume to "high", stow your smartphone and approach the start sign until the start signal sounds (approx. 1 meter from the sign). Only then will the timing start.
  4. When you reach the finish in the 1-meter range, the timing also stops with a signal tone. When you save your time, it will be uploaded to the website. You will then find your time under "Current runs" and under the course name in the ranking list.

Have fun and let your calves burn!