Unique high-altitude experience
over 7 peaks of the Nordkette

Nordkette via ferrata

The Innsbruck via ferrata was first built in 1986. The very best have climbed on this rock: mountain legend Hermann Buhl or Hannes Gasser, who gave his name to this unique via ferrata. Climb in the footsteps of the greats and experience a unique mountain adventure! In summer 2008, the via ferrata was completely renovated by the Innsbruck Alpine School.

The Innsbruck via ferrata and the Geierwally practice via ferrata will be open by the end of June (depending on snow conditions).


Section 1

From the Hafelekar / Top of Innsbruck station, you can reach the Einstiegswandl, the start of the via ferrata, in just a few minutes.
Follow the ridge via Seegrubenspitze, Kaminspitzen and Kemacher to the Lange Sattel.
From here, descend via the Kärtnersteig in approx. 1 hour to the Seegrube station or continue to section 2.
The total walking time is around 4 hours.

Section 2

The route continues in a total walking time of approx. 3 hours from the Lange Sattel over the broad grassy ridge to the Östliche Sattelspitze, to the start of the rope insurance of section 2.
Via the Westliche Sattelspitze to the Frau-Hitt-Sattel. Descent via the Schmidhubersteig back to the Seegrube or to the Höttinger Alm.

Equipment rental

Equipment is currently no longer available for hire (as of 17.10.2023)

From July 1, via ferrata equipment (via ferrata sets, climbing harnesses, helmets) can be rented daily at the Nordkette Shop in the station building on the Seegrube.

Reservation required by 16:00 the day before by e-mail to [email protected] (please specify desired size).

Photo ID will be left as a deposit. Rental costs for all equipment: € 25,- per day


Store opening hours:
June - September: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
October - May: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Safety and facts


  • Via ferrata of difficulty B and C (C/D in places)
  • Good physical condition, surefootedness and a head for heights are essential
  • The Nordkette via ferrata is divided into two sections. There are two official descents (end of section 1 and end of section 2).
  • Respect the environment, take your garbage back with you!
  • Last descent Seegrube 17:30 (June-September 18:30).


  • You are venturing into high alpine terrain. Full via ferrata equipment with rockfall helmet, climbing harness, via ferrata set and sturdy shoes are a prerequisite!
  • Good physical condition, surefootedness and a head for heights are essential!
  • Due to the length of the via ferrata, safe weather conditions must be awaited. It is not advisable to climb the via ferrata in thunderstorms!
  • Attention: There are no official emergency descents! Official descents are located at the Lange Sattel (end of section 1) and at the Frau Hitt Sattel (end of section 2)!
  • Alpine emergency call: 140
  • The sections of the Nordkette via ferrata are marked in different colors at the steel anchor points. In the event of an accident, please indicate which colored section you are in!

Virtual Reality

You can watch four different videos of the mountain in the city on your computer, smartphone or VR glasses.

Whether via ferrata, hang gliding, the Nordkette single trail or breathtaking winter shots - it's worth taking a look at the VR around the Nordkette.