"Don't think, look!"

Nordkette Perspectives Trail

Not far from the Seegrubenbahn station, which was designed in the mid-20th century by architect Franz Baumann as a perfect interplay between nature and technology, is the Nordkette Perspective Trail, which was designed by the renowned architects at Snøhetta.

The architectural elements, made of Corten steel and larch wood, develop out of the landscape, but at the same time form striking points of contrast to the surrounding topography. The purpose of these elements is to provide visitors with different perspectives on the landscape through targeted movements or to stimulate social interaction and bring users into contact with each other.

Beautifully integrated into the landscape, the individual elements, in conjunction with quotes from the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)*, create space to view and admire the landscape from different perspectives.


*elaborated and provided by Mr. Allan Janik

Let your eyes wander

A short path, which is also easy to walk for families with children, leads you to the relaxation zone on the Großer Stein, where you can enjoy breathtaking views in a peaceful atmosphere. From the lower to the upper Inn Valley, everything can be enjoyed with a sweeping view. Sit down, unwind and forget about time.