Flying high

Hang gliding and paragliding

The Innsbruck Nordkette not only attracts visitors as a viewing mountain in the classic sense, i.e. standing on the summit, but also offers fantastic views for paragliders and hang-gliders. Not only does it offer fantastic panoramic views across many valleys, it also has great cross-country flying potential due to its east-west facing mountain flanks.

Internationally renowned pilots also like to come to the Nordkette, including Wolgang Siess, a competition hang glider pilot: "For me, the Nordkette is the perfect training area to prepare for international competitions."

Take off

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Flying area Nordkette

Paragliders and hang-gliders will find 3 dedicated take-off points on the Nordkette: Paragliders have the choice of either taking off from the Seegrube at 1905m, or even higher, directly below the Hafelekar summit at 2300 meters. Experienced paragliders often report a "take-off into nothingness" here, as the slope drops steeply immediately after take-off. Highly spectacular, even for the surrounding spectators, but not for beginners! However, the hang-gliders attract the most attention, as their starting point is located directly on the sun terrace of the Seegrube restaurant.

Depending on the snow conditions, you can take off and fly on the Nordkette all year round. Experience has shown that midday is the best time to take off, but if you are looking for cross-country flights, it is best to aim for the period between April and August. The distance records from the Nordkette are 285.2 km for hang gliders, 211.7 km for paragliders and 331.9 km for fixed-wing aircraft.


The flight area of the Nordkette is 100% within the flight area of Innsbruck Airport. For this reason, registration with the local clubs is mandatory for guest pilots. The Innsbruck hang gliding club can be reached at, the paragliding club at

Gliding over the Nordkette

Gliding is the unique mountain, air and nature experience over Innsbruck and the Nordkette... Under the guidance of professional flight instructors, you can take the controls of a modern glider yourself and explore the breathtaking mountain world over Innsbruck using only thermals and wind. In good flying weather, you will fly from Innsbruck Airport over the Nordkette and from there through the Karwendel.

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