Above the rooftops of the city

Nordkette Skyline Park

Above the rooftops of the city

Nordkette Skyline Park

The Nordkette Skylinepark is the only snowpark in the world that truly deserves the title "incity". In just 20 minutes, you can get directly from Innsbruck city center to the Seegrube, 1,905 m above sea level, where the park is located.

In addition to its prime location above the rooftops of the city and the cool atmosphere, the Nordkette Skylinepark is particularly impressive thanks to its setup. This is individually adapted depending on the snow conditions. There are no limits to creativity here and you can shred until spring. The season highlight is also on the program in spring: at the Sane! Spring Break presented by Blue Tomato, Innsbruck's snowboarding elite gathers on the Seegrube and a creative park setup planned by Innsbruck freeski and snowboard crews takes center stage.

The latest news, the current park designs and the various events can be found on the Facebook page. An extraordinary snow experience is guaranteed, the Nordkette Skylinepark is waiting for you!


- Quarterpipe
- 2 x kicker line
- 5 x Downrails
- 2 x Industry Tubes
- 3 x Concrete Jerseys
- 3 x Parking Blocks
- Double Kinked Rail
- High-Tube-Rail
- 2 x Up-flat Rail